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    Le fantôme et la flamme

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    Message par Admin le Mer 28 Oct - 3:36

    explication de cette technique :

    The Ghost is about not being reactive. Nothing is a big deal to you. Let everything pass through you like you're a ghost. Don't let other people negatively affect you.

    The Flame is about being proactive. Instead of latching on to other's conversational threads, create your own. Add value to the interaction rather than taking value from it. Make people enjoy your company.

    So far being the Ghost hasn't been too difficult to incorporate into my avatar. You just have to keep consciously toning down your reactions, and let everything pass through you like a ghost.

    I've had a harder time with the Flame. I understand the concept of being proactive, but not the method. Obviously you can't always be 100% on scripted material, so in the situations where you aren't, I find it harder to start interesting conversational threads.

    I've been practicing it and it's gets easier every day. I need to work on adding value to interactions and starting interesting original threads. I'd like to hear your guys thoughts on this.

    More about Flame comprehension :
    This is one of the single most important things in Revelation. The ENTIRE point of this philosophical dynamic is that it has to be OFF SCRIPT. When you are navigating your life from a place within you that demonstrates this at its fullest... you do what YOU want and heres the biggest take-away...


    So as you adopt this ghost/flame dynamic you will find yourself focusing more on things that YOU as a man want to do... maybe learn guitar, hit the gym, get a new job ect.. As you do this, you naturally loose your outcome dependency in social interactions.

    Quite frankly, this whole flame/ghost dynamic is transcendentalism in a seduction frame. Study some buddhism and you'll see.

    Conversation tips :
    Nice summary Instinct, have you seen the Best of thread with all the conversation tips? Lots of ideas on how to be interesting and offer value.

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